History Of Olympic Betting: General Information

olympic betting history

The history of the Olympic Games is rooted in the times of antiquity. According to some documentary sources the world-famous competition was first held back in the 8th century BC. The first modern Olympics took place in Athens, 1896.  Since that time the Olympic Games have become the most prestigious sporting event in the world that every athlete aspires to win

Although direct participants aren’t the only people who have an opportunity to celebrate the victory in this competition. Bookmakers could not ignore the popularity of this international event. So the first bookie offices started to emerge offering people to make bets on a variety of activities and sports

It only stands to reason that all other events recede into insignificant during the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, and the line is filled with a wide range of sports included in the Games program.

The bookmaker craft then and now

With the course of the time the list of Olympic betting offers was expanded. To understand what types of bets there were or are, you simply have to track down the history of changes in Olympic Program and consider the fact that there are Summer and Winter Olympics. Furthermore, there’re team sports and individual tournaments.

The most popular sports disciplines of the Winter Olympics are

  • hockey,
  • bobsleigh,
  • biathlon,
  • cross-country skiing,
  • speed skating,
  • luge,
  • curling, etc.

In the summer program, you can bet on


  • football,
  • athletics,
  • fencing,
  • handball,
  • volleyball,
  • basketball,
  • boxing, etc.

Today bets on individual sports are usually made on an Olympic champion or a game winner, a personal or national record, the number of points scored by a single player. Those wishing to make money on the Olympic Games can also make bets on team sports. Additionally, each player can make predictions for the total medal standings, because at the very end of the games, the Olympics.  

The betting strategy for the Olympic Games can include the bets on certain sports or unique events related only to Olympics. The latter refers to such events as, for example, team achievements in total set-off, the total number of medals received by the country.

Remember to be careful with team sports because the Olympic football, basketball or hockey team do not always show the same results as they do on the World Cup or some other kind of a championship. It is right to make bets on the Olympics on the basis of the mental strength and professional skills of sportspeople.