2020 Olympic Games Betting: Sports That Deserve Your Money

olympic betting 2020

Olympics is the main sports event held every four years. There’s hardly another competition of the same importance. The holding of the Olympic Games is a great honour for any country but it implies many financial and legal challenges. By deciding to apply for the Olympics, the country undertakes to meet all possible difficulties within a certain period of time.

In fact, it’s not the country that is selected for holding of the Olympics. IT’s a choice of a city alone. When applying the city must provide a special booklet that describes its capabilities, infrastructure, geography, natural conditions, and much more. Besides the already created conditions, the application has to provide information on the potential of the city and country.

The city that fitted all the parameters and proved its high level of readiness is Tokyo, which was the decision of the International Olympic Committee.

2020 Olympics: what to bet on?


The main peculiarity of betting on the Olympic Games is that it is possible to make bets on many kinds of sports that usually do not feature among the usual betting options. For example, you can bet on football, basketball, or tennis at any time. But there are some sports varieties that can only be bet on at the Olympics:


  • Swimming. Actually, bets on swimming are not that rare but this it is most often remembered at the Olympics. It’s not surprising because swimming is the sport with the biggest number of medals to win.


  • Amateur boxing. People are mainly focused on the professional ring but the Olympics is the only event that gives opportunities to viewers who are really interested in amateur boxing.


  • Gymnastics. Another medal sport which peak of popularity is during the Olympics. There are a lot of medals to win here as well.


  • Fencing, rowing, shooting, sailing, wrestling are usually remembered in the Olympics. The rest of time they’re in the shadows.


The Olympic competition which is to be held in 2020 will feature a number of new sports. There are five of them, which the Olympic Organizing Committee proposed to include to the general program. Those are baseball (softball for women), karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing. The suggestion was welcomed by the International Olympic Committee in its entirety.

The fact that skateboarding was included, which is mainly the urban entertainment, as well as climbing prove the tendency of sport urbanization. That also affects the Olympic level. This gives great new opportunities and a wider choice of betting options to sports enthusiasts.